In the early years, SFA lead a nomadic existence. There was no permanent clubhouse till 1922 when a shop house situated at Banda Hilir was rented for 3 years. Several more moves were made before P G Mahindasa and C F Gomes with the help of a staunch Franciscan, Dr Wong Ah Teck who made a big contribution, managed to raise enough funds towards the building of the clubhouse, within the present SFI Primary compound. The Club-house was named PG GEORGE MATHIAS PAMADASA MEMORIAL BUILDING, after the founder of the SFA.

Finally, on October 10, 1952, the Building was formally opened by Resident Commissioner of Malacca, Mr HG Hammett. The date October 10 was chosen, being the birthday of the founder, PG Pamadasa.

On April 23, 1954, the High Commissioner of the Federation of Malaya, General Sir Gerald Templer visited the clubhouse where he unveiled the Roll of Honour Plaque, bearing the names of Franciscans who had fallen during the Japanese Occupation.

Some 50 odd years later, SFA had to move out of its home to make way for a computer lab for the Primary School pupils. On October 10, 2013, after much considerations and deliberations, SFA eventually moved into its new home, The Franciscan House. This building was purchased by 2 passionate Franciscans who had pledged to sell this double storey building to SFA for a nominal sum of RM450,000. The SFA was given 5 years to raise the funds to acquire this building. Faced with that ultimatum, the Management Committee 2017/2019 initiated several fund raising activities, namely the Franciscan Family Day planned for October 15, 2017 and also a Crowd Funding program to reaching out to Franciscans and well-wishers all over to contribute to our cause.
St Francis’ Association (SFA) was founded on March 17, 1917 on St Patrick’s Day. St Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland, where many of the Irish Brothers in SFI came from. The idea of forming an old boys’ club was the idea of P G Pamadasa, an SFI teacher who later became the Senior Assistant Master in SFI from 1931 to 1941. It was the first Old Boys’ Association formed among the De La Salle Schools in Malaysia and the first one to be established in Malacca.

Its primary objective was for Old Franciscans to gather socially and at the same time, attest their loyalty to their alma mater. At present, many old boys are actively involved in providing material benefits to improve the school and the study environment of Franciscans in both the Primary and Secondary levels.
SFA believe that we need a fort, a home base to be strong, and we will not be able to do this without support from Old Boys and well-wishers. It is our duty to preserve the ethos, culture and traditions of the La Salle schools.

We need to take proactive steps to ensure that this will prevail. What the De La Salle Brothers brought to our shores a hundred-odd years ago had benefited thousands of Franciscans and we are grateful to them. Their heritage and legacy will prevail for long.